Inaugural post: “Hello world.”  I have now expressed this phrase in the following languages:  Southern North American English, French, BASIC, Deutsche, FORTRAN, Spanish, PL/1, C, Turbo C++, SmallTalk, Visual Basic, PERL, Visual C, SGML, HTML, XML.  The only languages through which I can still express this phrase without research are Southern North American English and HTML 3.2.

Welcome to my “blog”, the digital equivalent of a pet rock that wears a mood ring.  I still hate that word (“blog”), but it seems to have become firmly stuck in the collective consciousness right now, so I will use it (sparingly).  Publication of personal thoughts is a double-edged sword, as it is more exercise for all parties involved than is obvious.  The writer supposedly has something to say, and must say it in a way elicits the desired effect on the reader.  The reader supposedly sees value in the content (or is in an extant or imagined relationship with the writer), and supposedly finds it compelling enough to subscribe or flag for future revisits.  This writer apologizes in advance to the reader for the fact that he has already made the mistake in the very first post of not really having anything to say, and for the loss of the reader’s time, but does provide assurance that this will not be the last occurrence of such a travesty.