From Pope to Public:

I can serve the Lord

but womenfolk are unfit

(to rape little boys).


From The Head of The Southern Baptist Association to the World:

Hear me when I say

Women called to serve are wrong.

Bow your head, indeed.


From Flood to FEMA

digitally swamped

45 days in a row

a small price to pay


Brown Recluse DOES NOT Look Like a Wolf Spider

not a wolf spider

if you are so sure I’m wrong

then let it bite you


Compare & Contrast w/ the Dog Outside the Coffee Shop

dragged butts ‘cross concrete

hoping for some kinda treat

his tail is wagging


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

where I lay my hat

wherever I lay my phone

where the heart really is


The Human Heart

4 chambers, 4 valves

deceitful above all things

no understanding


Clean Slate <> Clear Mind

Tabula rasa

Turning over a new leaf

Haiku every day?