I resolve to do these things in the new year.  If my doing them (or failure to do them, or failure to do them to my own or to your or anyone else’s expectations/satisfaction) causes grief for myself or anyone else, please accept my sincere apologies in advance.


Embrace change.  Worry less about things I cannot control, while being mindful and more thoughtful of issues over which I do exert control.  (Likewise, recognize when an assigned (or assumed) work activity can wait til the next day, and delegate appropriate tasks more readily to those who are capable.)

Try to be a positive (or at least neutral) influence on others.

More contact with more friends.

Drink one tall glass of water immediately before each meal.

Skip way more desserts.

Eschew half-and-half in favor of skim milk (or in favor of no dairy) in my coffee.

Strongly consider tea instead of coffee after mid-day.

Cook more.

Exercise more.

Go outside more.

Feed the birds.

Return to regular camping and canoeing.  (Lose the sedan?)

More use of the neti pot; less use of Sudafed.

Update my technical skill set to include a few newer acronyms and buzzwords.  Collect evidence of my relevant expertise and experience, apply for, and obtain the technical/managerial certifications for which I am (nearly) qualified.

Get at least one more tattoo, and/or have an existing one enhanced.

Hockey, hockey, hockey.

Don’t blow off the girl/lady when so quickly they call trying to sell discount symphony tickets.

Go to the flea market more.

Call my mother more, patiently listen to all tangents about things that happened to the distant relatives of people I’ve never met and don’t know; wait longer before asking her to get to the point.

Take actions to cultivate a richer relationship with my family members.

Use fewer curse words, or at least vastly reduce the use of the few that I frequently mutter in conversation and in challenge to technical/temporal/traffic-related hurdles.  Do not cuss at the phone (desk-bound nor mobile).  Do not cuss at the computer, whether at work or out and about.  Remove more meaningless words from my regular vocabulary.  (“Y’all” is excluded, as it is meaningful.  Ask Miriam Webster.)

Talk less to inanimate objects (unless they are voice-operated).

Put things away when I am done using them — at home and at the office.

Read more fiction.  Read more non-fiction.

Listen to more music.

Remember why I moved to Nashville, and act on that.

Follow the “Words of Advice (for Young People)” as codified by W. S. Burroughs.


Another owl, stolen from the internet