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My Owl Tattoo

This’ll be the quickest yet, published in less than an hour, blowing away my previous goal to publish in less than a day. (The previous post doesn’t count, since half of it came via The Time Machine (which is in itself another topic for a future post).)  After months of consideration, followed by a 2-month backlog on the artist’s schedule book, I got my color done.

I wanted to highlight that the owl‘s feet are Predator-esque (the movie kind, not the hockey or military drone kind), in that they are “solid” but project the background (which, in this case, is skin tone) instead of having their own color.  So I set an appointment with Ian, sent him an email with a couple of pictures attached, and described what I wanted to do: add definition via color to the shapes within the limb and the owl’s head, wings, and tail-feathers, maintaining a sort of stained-glass effect once inked in contrast with the walls of the individual shapes created within the linework.

Yes, it hurts.

Once my appointment date arrived, it went smoothly.  We discussed the emails, talked color palette, then got down to the nitty gritty.  We talked about tough-guy competitions (his strong suit) in comparison to metaphorically similar life challenges, discussed the history of shoulder angels, and then we moved on to the ancient Islamic tradition of only ever confronting people who you feel the need to bad-mouth only to their faces, and then only through a neutral mediator.   When we were done, it looked like this!

I have enlisted the assistance of a good friend to design my next one (it’s “simple”, but not anywhere near simple enough for me to be able to do it!), but I fear he is already too over-committed with other things to be able to turn around the idea that I know he is capable of visualizing and depicting in the time-frame that I am considering having it applied.  So, if you find yourself wanting to (freely, or in trade for beers) use your love of fonts, your understanding of musical notation, and your gift for manipulating characters with something like InDesign, along with your desire to create a line-art image that will be applied as a tattoo, please let me know.