I’ve had an extremely dynamic couple of weeks, punctuated by

  • finding renters for my previous pad, so the landlord wouldn’t sue me for breaking my lease;
  • my son’s graduation from high school, followed by his move to a neighborhood about 5 minutes by car from mine;
  • wonderful tacos and tamales walking distance from my new apartment;
  • the sale of my house that I lived in from 2000 til October 2009, which has been on the market for 17 months (with a LOT of my unnecessary crap in the garage);
  • excessive cicadas;
  • wonderful shrimp and grits;
  • being called Honky! by a passing ‘hoodmobile while out on an evening walk;
  • the arrival of a new air conditioner in my (most recent) apartment, and the rehabilitation of my shower into something that actually directs water onto the person standing within its confines;
  • my receipt(?) of an unplanned root canal, complete with same-day visits to a dentist and an oral surgeon, from whom I was given(?) a total of 34 injections to the gum in the almost-all-day attempt to do what started out months ago as a routine repair on an old filling;
  • being given a new and interesting task at work, where I am continually glad to remain employed;
  • the clarification of the preferred scope of a few interpersonal relationships that have been needing it; and
  • several instances of hockey-related and music-related socializing.

The rate of change in my life over the past few years has had me considering a lot of things over the past few weeks, mostly of the kind David Byrne and Thom Yorke have already covered much more succinctly than I could.  In the past couple of years, almost all of the superficial (using this term in its neutral sense, not negatively) aspects of my life have changed significantly, and some of them repeatedly.  Obviously, we are all going to be presented with changes of various sorts throughout our brief lives, and, after a decade spent with my nose to the grindstone trying to prevent change, it is probably my turn to be experiencing some of the ups and downs that I have.  While part of me keeps hoping the pace will slow now that a few particular pages have been recently turned, I am trying to be careful to remain aware of and open to the changes going on around and within me — and to learn if I am doing things out of habit, and if being here now is where I am supposed to be now.

“Once in a lifetime./Same as it ever was.”  “I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo; what the Hell am I doing here?”  “Home is where I want to be, lift me up and turn me ’round.”  Before any relative feels the need to step in, I don’t feel as if I am a freak or a weirdo any more so than anyone else is, they’re just songs.

And so daily lately I have received reminders that, unless some other kind of change requires it, I can’t see any reason to consider moving from Nashville any time soon.  Why would I leave a place where one can be entertained by a band of top-notch Nashville musicians collectively known as The Spaghetti Westerneers playing for tips on a Sunday afternoon that’s too hot to permit outdoor enjoyment of any sort?  I didn’t go, but it was only because I chose instead to finish the move-in, arranging furniture, dishes, and CDs.  I don’t know how long I’ll be in this apartment, but I think it’s the right place for me to be right now.

Live Performances That Have Provided Outstanding Distraction Value Since The Turn of the Year 2011:

  • The Walkmen
  • Yo La Tengo
  • The Clutters
  • Paul Burch & the WPA Ball Club
  • Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends
  • The City Champs
  • The Coolin’ System
  • North Mississippi All-Stars
  • Robert Plant’s Band of Joy
  • Gypsy Hombres
  • Kenny Vaughan
  • Greg Bryant Expansion
  • Duffy Jackson Big Band
  • The Long Players Perform Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • Elephant 6 Orchestra (Holiday Surprise)
  • The Scissormen
  • Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona
  • The Greenhornes
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Jonathon Richman
  • The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
  • Flaming Lips
  • Chuck Mead
  • Kevin Gordon
  • Jabe Beyer
  • Porter Hall, TN
  • Bonnie Whitmore
  • Ben Cameron
  • Amanda Shires

I did miss the trombone quartet doing an evening of Kiss songs, but it was the same night as Fleet Foxes, so that’ll have to do.

Also, Alice Cooper and Vince Gill did a brief set during intermission at a hockey game.  Does that count?  I’m counting it.

I also met Wynonna Judd down the street at the bar late in the Winter.  We talked about how funky the bass line was in Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Tell Me Something Good”, and also about a house in Franklin where she used to live before a buddy of mine lived there (and stored my canoe for me).  She agreed that it was an effective place to freeze your butt off in the Winter.